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Custom Vending Machine

Want to vend something other than snacks and candy bars?
Custom applications for vending machines are what we specialize in.

From cosmetics to blankets and hot sauce, we do it all and everything in between. Custom vending machines involve setting up the machine to properly vend the items you are selling.

Automatic Merchandising Systems are the new multi-use marketing and sales machines that can vend various products.
We can help with custom setups as well as custom vending applications.

Some Of Our Projects

Custom Vending and Design Concepts

Looking for a Vending Machine that does more than chips and candy?
Today, vending machines are high-tech, and we at Vendweb Vending Machines can help you get a refurbished or new custom vending machine. Vendweb can save you some money by updating one of our quality used merchandisers to new-technology vending machines.

We can alacart your needs with such features as

  • Cashless Payment Solutions.
  • Touch Screen Interfacing ( Different Sizes To Choose From )
  • Up Graded Control Systems
  • Online Monitoring
  • Adjustable Shelving
  • ADA Compliance Modifications
  • Unique Vending Applications and Consulting
  • Tool Room Vending
  • Alarm and Security Systems

We’d like to help you with many applications for your Vending and Automatic Merchandising Needs.

We Know Vending and Automatic Merchandisingcustom vending machines

Vendweb Vending Machines can assist with many aspects of Vending or Automatic Merchandising.
Would you be interested in custom vending machine graphics or setups? Are you looking to vend something unique besides your standard candy bar?

Want to control inventory of certain items in the shop or the office?
We are your go-to company for automatic merchandising of many different products. Car Dealerships can help set up their waiting areas with a choice bank of vending machines. We can also help with college bookstores and campus machines.

Want to manage inventory and track it at shops and work locations?
We can also provide vending machine design services and design a vending machine to meet your needs.
Would you be interested in Vending Machine Designs?

Call us at 866-836-4394
and see why we are your go-to company!


Do you know if you need to control inventory and know what tools and parts are used on what jobs? Would you like to stop the walkout of office supplies from your office? Vendweb can assist with a complete system for monitoring and tracking who is taking what. Give certain employees level access and limit how many pieces can be taken in a given period. Monitor from any computer anywhere. Get restock notices sent right to your email.


Want to custom brand your vending machine? Put your advertisement to work with vending graphic wraps. Make your machine stand out with custom graphics that can draw attention to your vending machine and brand. Vending machines can have custom graphics that stand out in the crowd. Have your custom vending machine show off your brand with large side panels and front graphics that are sharp and alive with color.
We’re able to help you with graphic design and wrapping the machine to your needs.


Do you have an idea for a vending concept and need to start the process? Vendweb Vending Machines and our associates in manufacturing are ready to help you design and manufacture your idea. Vendweb has been in the vending business for many years, and our team knows what can be off the shelf and what has to be built from the ground up. Why waste time and money with companies who don’t know this side of the business? Regarding vending and automatic merchandising, our company knows who and what it will take to move your project through the stages.
Everything from engineering and software to off-the-shelf components saves you time and money. We want to be your partner in your vending concept needs.


Have you seen what some of the new vending machines can do? Today, vending machines are smart vending automatic merchandising systems. The logic controllers in today’s vending machines can do some cool things like back-end monitoring and remotely allowing you access to your vending machine. The brains of the vending machine can keep up with who has taken what or how many items are left in a particular row. Being able to control what and when a vending machine can vend a product, such as in a school environment, is a regular task for today’s vendors. Knowing what customers are buying to allow for custom applications in gym and fitness center vending machines has added a new automated piece of equipment to the health club business. Today, vending machines can be what you need, from simple to very detailed

Custom Vending Standard Setups

About Our Customizations

We specialize in custom setups of vending machines.
We can assist with the different aspects of getting a vending machine to vend your product. Not all vending machines are the same, and not all vending needs are the same. This is where we come in.

We'd love to hear from you!