In the market for a vending machine but don’t know where is best place to buy one from? We can help point out some IMPORTANT things you need to be mindful of when buying a vending machine.

Buying from a vending machine distributor.

When buying a vending machine, you may want to consider the benefits of buying from a professional vending machine supplier. What is a professional vending machine supplier? It is a company that is authorized by a manufacturer to sell the products it sells. You will find many undermined companies on the internet and especially in chat groups such as Facebook and Marketplace and other online groups.
Authorized distributors can be verified by contacting the manufacturer and asking if the company is an authorized distributor for them. Vendweb.Com is an authorized distributor for new machines with the following company (Federal Machine Corp) located in Des Moines, Iowa, our contact at the factory is Andy Beam. A vending machine distributor can save you time and money by knowing the products they sell and help with many aspects of setup and technical questions as they arise.

Buying New or Refurbished?

Many times this question depends on what your need is for the features and size of machines.
Vendweb.Com supplies both new and refurbished vending machines so our customers have a choice on what they can use.
Quality refurbished vending machines can save you money and when done right can look as good as new machines. is very proud of the work we do and stand behind all our refurbished vending machines with our 18-month parts warranty the best warranty in the industry on refurbished machines.
A truly quality professional refurbished vending machine supplier knows the ins and outs of the machines and depending on what features you need on the machine, can bring older outdated machines up to new standards.
It may be because some buyers only want to use new vending machines due to size or capacity needs or just as the new styles vending machine manufacturers offer.
New vending machines have some great new features, and the looks of the vending machine are changing each year.

The Difference between a professional vending machine supplier and a person selling out of a garage or storage unit.

When looking at who you want to be your vending machine supplier, it is important to ask questions about what services and quality of work is the company you are buying from able to provide.
Do they have a warehouse and workers, or are they a one-man show working out of their garage or a storage unit?
Why is this important because it will help determine the quality of the refurbishment. A true professional refurbishment company will have a paint booth where the machines are quality repainted inside and out and not just some spray can paint job. A quality refurbishing company will carry parts that you may need in a hurry. A quality refurbishing company will have on staff employees that have years in the industry and know the machines they sell.

A quality professional refurbished vending machine company will have employees that work in different aspects of the business, such as parts dept and sales dept, and service dept, to handle your after-sale needs.
We see many times operators selling off their machines but do not offer after-sale support as that is not their line of business, so you can be left trying to get support on something and not having a go to company that can provide that support can be frustrating and time-consuming. You need to be out servicing your route and not your machines.
You want your machines to look and operate like new, granted sometimes things happen and we get something that does not work due to most times things getting bounced around or not supplying the vending machines with proper voltage and amperage requirements, we are here to support you and get you back in operation quickly.

Should I buy vending machines from a country I don’t live in?

We say Absolutely Not! Parts and service are a must when operating vending machines and buying outside of the country slows you down when those things are needed.
But I can buy cheaper overseas, yes you can but the quality of those manufactures is questionable as we all have seen cheap is cheap and some of the labor practices of these countries are well just not right.
We believe you should support the country you live in to buy your products sold in that country as it helps families by supplying jobs and boost the economy in that country.
But everything is made in other countries so how do I support only the country I live in?
By making sure that the manufacturer and distributor have locations in the country you live in and the suppliers are selling you products that the manufacture is located in your country.
Not all manufacturers have 100% made-in-your-country vending products but do have brick-and-mortar locations owned by that company in the country they sell in.
Ask a supplier before you buy what country the product is manufactured in and if they have a company-owned location in your country.
Some vending machine manufactures are located in countries that support and back practices that may not be of the same values and humanity practices as what you support, and why put money in their pockets to continue such practices?
Just because its cheaper on the front side does not mean it will not cost you more in the long run.

Before you buy from anyone you should ask these questions.

What is the name of your company?
What state are you registered with the secretary of state? ( Check to make sure the company is registered with the state to do business in the field of selling vending machines )
How long have you been in vending industry? ( Are they experienced and been in business as a vending machine sales company or just someone selling machines because they found some cheap )
Are you a member of any of our industry associations? ( Most professional companies will belong to one or more industry associations )
What machine manufacturers do you represent? ( Most professional vending machine sales companies represent a manufacture and are a authorized dealers)
Do you have a warehouse that you can share address or are you working out of your house or storage shed? ( Most professional vending machine dealers have a warehouse where work is done as you need space to do it right )
Are you a member of the BBB and what is your status? ( Check with the BBB in their state and see if any reports at all and if so what is their rating? )
Does your company do the refurbishing or do you sub contract it out to someone else? ( Some companies do not even do the work they represent and are salespersons that sell other companies work. )
Folks if a company can not answer these simple questions then you really need to think about doing business with them.
Are they a scam or are they a small company that may not be around to help you down the road?
Nothing wrong with sole proprietors but register LLC and INC make it easier to verify who you are doing business with.
With todays market and so many scammers out there it is best businesses make it easy for a buyer to do background checks and see what level of business one is.
Small business is great but its not for everyone as many buyers need a company that has multiple levels of support and not a one man show.
This is the internet and you must check out who you are buying from before you do anything else

We can be verified…. can be verified as a quality provider of new and used vending machines.
We have a a plus rating with the BBB and are a registered LLC company
Vendweb.Com has been in business for over 20 years doing refurbishment of vending machines.
We have a warehouse in Gastonia NC that we invite anyone to come visit us and see our operation.
We are legends in the industry and our 5 star google reviews speak for themselves.
When you need a company to be your partner in vending business as your equipment supplier, we hope you will give us a look as we are sure you will not be disapointed.