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Smart Vending Machines

Interactive Vending Systems

Smart Vending Machines

Smart Controllers

Can do more then the average.

The smart vending machines of today are not your normal chip and soda vending machines. Todays smart vending machines can vend a wider selection of items and you can keep track of what has or has not sold from a secure back end data base. Get alerts when your products are low or when the machine is not working. With a smart vending machine you can know more about your business before you even get to the location.

Data Storage On Cloud

Access From Anywhere

Need to know what’s in the vending machine before you go to reload it? With smart vending machines you can, why drive all the way out to location not knowing what you need to bring for restock? Todays smart vending machines can do so much more and save you time and make your work day go so much smother.

Great Support

Back End Assistance

With the service team a phone call away, we stand ready to assist you with all your needs. From set up to operation we can assist and get you maximum up time as well as get you back up and running when you need to be.


forward thinking strategies

New touch screen vending is fast on the horizon. With new smart vending machine you can add touch screens to your machine and make them interactive marketing kiosks. Screens sizes vary in sizes and can give you more bang for your buck with rich graphics that grab your customers attention.

Inventory Control

check and balance

Need to know who took what and what job it is being used on? Smart vending machines can do that. Keep up with inventory control.
Allot who gets how many of each item per time frame and stop supplies and parts from walking out the door at the end of the day.

New Innovation

Vending Automatic Merchandising

The vending machine is evolving from the chip and drink vending machine to a fully automatic merchandising system. The vending machine of today can do things that have made it a top choice for automated inventory and delivery of products.
Age Verification Vending Machine

Smart Vending Machines

World Class

Innovation and Growing

Smart vending machines have evolved from years of evolving of the vending machine. Today a vending machine is a Automatic Merchandising Solution and Systems.
The Automatic Merchandising Systems can be used to dispense and control many different products and with a built in marketing platform your vending machine becomes a digital marketing tool.

Features Of Smart Vending

  • On line controllers – Network equipment together
  • Back end data base – Cloud base software for control from anywhere
  • Inventory Control -Keep up with your invintory
    1. Employee Badge Systems
    2. Bar Code Readers
    3. Pin Based Code Inputs
  • On line controllers – Network equipment together
  • Email Alerts For Bin Low Qtys

Smart Vending Applications

Just a few of what we can do

A few of the set ups you can do with Smart Vending Machines with custom applications.

New Machines


Smart vending


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