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Repair Vending Machines

If you need a vending machine repaired, we are the vending machine repair company for you!

We sell and service all kinds of vending machines and cover Charlotte, Gastonia, Hickory, Matthews, Concord, Shelby, Lincolnton, as well as many other areas in and around Charlotte, NC. We can repair and rebuild if you need your old vending machines to look like new again. We service snack and candy vending machines, as well as drink and coffee vending machines also. If you need vending machines moved or installed we handle that also. Vendweb.Com Vending machines has been servicing vending machines for over 15 years now and our service includes top quality vending machine repair.

Vending Machine Service
Is your vending machine just not acting right? It happens, and when it does call us at 866-836-3932 or fill out our service request form below!

We service within a 100 Mile radius of our sales office but can assist even if you are not in our vending machine business service area.
We may have a service entity in your area that we work with and recommend.
Not everyone can repair a vending machine, and when it comes to moving vending machines well that’s a job that is best left to those with the proper equipment.

Did you know that you can not lay a vending machine down as it may cause damage, but many believe it is ok to lay it on its back and away you go, well that’s the problem with not knowing.
The vending machine of today is a feature-packed vending system that can do some pretty impressive things, and knowing how to program and run those features is a very important part of getting your vending machine back up and running!

The place where the vending machine is located as well as the electrical outlet supplying the vending machine are very important parts of keeping your vending machine running properly. Let us help you get your machine back up and running so you can get back to other items of importance.

Need someone to come out and service your vending machine?

Please fill out the form below and we will get a service inquiry started for you.
Don’t worry. Nothing is being changed or billed to you till you speak with a service person, check for any warranty, and discuss the service call and changes associated with it.

We'd love to hear your issues!