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Gym Vending Machines

Fitness Vending Systems

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Gym and Fitness centers are adding vending machine to their business equipment list as a way of adding services to their clients. 24 / 7 fitness centers are finding vending machines are a great way to provide customers with items they can use at their facility’s. Vendweb.Com can provide you with a complete system of dispensing automation or a basic machine that can dispense wet or dry goods pre packed anytime of the day.

Gym Vending Machine

The vending machine has been around for well since the beginning of time it seems like but it has been mainly used for snacks and drinks.
Todays vending machines have evolved into complete automation dispensing systems that can vend a wider selection of products.
The 24 / 7 fitness center has also recently become very flexible to its clients needs by giving them a way to use their facility’s but with flexible hours. The fitness center vending machine is a way to provide customers such things as water and protein drinks as well as vitamins and other supplements that your customer use. But why use a gym vending machine that only does single type products such as energy drinks when you can get a machine that can do multiple items from the same machine? Our fitness dispensing systems are automated product display cases that sell products to your customers right at the location and are fully stand alone sale cases.

With our fitness center vending machines you can vend club wear, healthy food and energy supplements, body wraps such as ankle and wrist supports, weight lifting gloves, water, trail mix, pre mix single servings of protean shake products such as muscle milk and other pre mixed products.


Fitness and health clubs as well as other physical fitness and activity facility’s this is a great addition to your currant business equipment. Just like the weight machines and other facility needs, the vending center is a important part of your layout.
You can provide items to your clients 24 hours a day with no need to take away an attendant to assist the customer with a sale of an item in a showcase or located behind the counter.

Our vending systems can showcase a wide selection of products and are fully electronic and can be customized to your needs. Systems can be cash or credit card payment systems or both. We have fitness vending machines that can track and monitor what products are being sold and what items are low on inventory. So if you are looking for just a basic lower cost way to provide these items to your customers then our basic fitness center is the machine for you.

We also offer complete advanced vending systems that can let customers use their membership badges with system. Monitor what products you have sold and what needs to be restocked and is selling good. Back end database that you can access remotely thru our secure cloud based website. With our system you can change prices remotely at anytime.

We are here to service your needs and provide you with todays top quality vending systems for your gym or fitness center. Vendweb knows vending and we can assist you with all your automatic merchandising and sales needs for your business.

With so many gyms and fitness centers moving to 24 hour formats to accommodate their members needs it good to know that you can get a 24 hour store front system to provide a wide variety of the items they need.

Floor Space is important as is counter space and that why we offer a gym vending machine that is a all in one combo. We offer refrigerated and non refrigerated models.
Our machines can do a wide selection of products thus saving you floor space and having to use multiple machines for multiple products.
No need to worry about having to sanitize and clean our machine as each product is individually packed so no powdery mess or product going stale in a short period of time. No product throw set ups or having to measure each portion before mixing. It is just a better way to give your clients the products they use without all the mess.

Custom graphics to match your decor is no problem.
We can custom wrap your machine to give it a look that says wow look at me.
Our gym vending machines are just so versatile that they can be changed over to accommodate new products or rotation. Fitness centers all over the country are seeing customers come thru the door and why not provide the many items they use for their workouts. If you are like me its hard to carry around all those different supplements and vitamins and other pre and post workout products, many come in way to big of a container to fit in my bag, well give um single serve portions right at your location.

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Gym / Fitness Vending Machines

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Vendweb.Com is a supplier of vending dispensing machinery and systems. We sell new and used vending machines as well as provide vending repair services to vending clients. Vendweb can assist with pretty much any aspect of automatic merchandising and dispensing needs. Looking for something custom we can help with that.

Gym Vending Machines
Gym Vending Machines

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