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Budz Vendor

Age Verification Vending Machine

The Budz Vendor Vending Machine

This is by no means an ordinary cannabis vending machine. The Budz Vendor is a unique Automatic Dispensing System. The Budz Vendor System is an age verification system that allows the opportunity to merchandise and sell age-restricted products. American Greens technology interface is one of a kind and does some pretty cool things, such as vein verification biometrics. And digital display merchandising and offering a wide variety of delivery options. This cannabis vending machine can be used for various applications in the Cannabis Dispensary Sales. If you need another Bud tender that can deliver fast-sale items such as pre-rolls, gummies, and other quick-sell items, the Budz Vendor stands ready 24 hours a day. If you want a complete age-restriction sales and merchandising system, check out the Budz Vendor.  Don’t let just any old cannabis vending machine company sell you a machine that may not work and comply with state laws on dispensing age-restricted products.  When it comes to this type of automatic dispensing system, is your go-to source. Budz Vendor Cannabis Kiosk If you would like a Quote on this item, please click on the quote button below
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