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Looking for cold food or frozen food vending machines?
We have a great choice of new and refurbished machines.
It’s essential to buy from a reliable dealer when buying these kinds of machines, as they know what to look for and what options are essential for the job to be done correctly.

Things like mold or health safety features not working are vital to ensure they are working and mold is treated as it should be.
When choosing your food vending machine supplier, you want someone with experience and knowledge of refurbishing vending machines correctly.
These vending machines work well for many different products, such as fruit and milk and sandwiches.
These food vending machines would be good choices if you want to provide a lunchroom with a wide selection of options.
If you want your products to have a longer shelf life, frozen food may be the better choice.
Frozen food vending gives longer shelf life but longer microwave times are the downside.

Cold Food Vending

Frozen Food

Small Refrigerated Combo

Small Refrigerated Combo

Looking for cold food vending machines? We carry a great selection of food vending machines