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Vendweb CBD Vending Machines

This is by no means a Regular vending machine.

  • The Vendweb.Com CBD Vending machine is a Custom Setup Automatic Dispensing System. The Vendweb CBD machine system is custom-set up with your products and planogram.
  • Not just any old vending machine will work when dispensing these different CBD packages; don’t trust any old vending machine company to get it right for you. The size of the products, as well as the weight and drop factors, play into how an Automatic Dispensing System works, and if it does not have the proper dispensing setups for that package, well, things get hung up, and customers get mad. The Vendweb CBD dispenser matches your needs and not just whatever comes standard. A properly set up and configured dispenser will save you time and money and keep your customers happy. We offer both ambient and temperature-controlled models.
  • We offer systems that grow with you and your needs regarding products sold through your merchandiser.
  • Looking for CBD Products? We can help with that. Vendweb carries a full line of CBD products. Need a credit card processor that can process CBD products at a good rate? We got you covered!! Don’t hesitate to contact us today and let a professional equipment company help with all your CBD Vending Machine Needs.
 When you use a Vendweb.Com dispensing system for your CBD needs you are use a digital asset that will help draw customers to your products.


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