Why Vendweb?

You got questions? We want to answer them. Vending machines are what we know, its our business. We know that a vending machine is not something that everyone knows about. Vending machines questions are what we do best. Ask away as the more you know the better informed you will be to purchase a quality vending machine.

General questions
We know vending machines. When you buy something if you are like me, I like to ask questions to a living person and one that knows not only the product I may be looking at but also other products that may fit my situation better. Fact is we all don't know everything about everything and it is important to have good information to make a wise purchase. Many auction sale sites are just that and you need more then that when buying a vending machine. Many times we will see out of production machines or machines that you cant get parts for anymore listed on the auction and yard sale websites. If you don't know what vending machines are good buys and what vending machines you need to stay away from then many times you get something that's more problems then it was for the great cost. Even if you don't buy from us, at least do your self a favor and call us and ask us about the model you are buying.
We would hope that we can supply you what you need here at Vendweb.Com but if we cant we will be happy to point you in the right direction.
Yes you can if you own the machine. You should ask the people where the machine is located what they would like to see in the machine as they are your customers. Many times operators of vending machines say well its says pepsi or coke on the front, do I have to put coke or pepsi in the vending machine? Depends on if you own the machine or is it cokes or pepsi's vending machine? If you got the machine from a bottler company then you must put their products in that machine. Coke vending machines and pepsi vending machines are property of the bottling companies and their respected trade marks and product rights are territory driven. Problem with getting the bottlers to let you use a vending machine is they dictate the products and prices you have to sell at as well as they have buy requirements that you must fill also. I say own you own machines as you can do as you like..
No we don't, we only sell new and used vending machines. We suggest that you learn to and handle internally of your company the finding and negotiation of services with your locations. You need to be a master at selling yourself and your services to your customer because if you can not deal directly with your customers yourself, well you really do not need to be in Vending . Vending is hands on business and if you want to be successful at it your locations are your key to being successful. Their are many things to consider and look at when picking a location and putting together your route, go out and be the front person for your company and you will be fine.
Depends on the location, some will need new machine features and some can be basic vending machines that are not as high tech as others. All locations are not the same and not all the same vending machines work in all locations. Size and capacity are key in supplying a location the right vending machine. Cans or bottles? Or Both? What Size does the machine need to vend? When buying a vending machine it is easy to contact us and let us help you get the right machine for the right location. Our quality refurbished vending machines also come with a 12 month parts warranty for your added peace of mind.
Yes it does, but their are a few things to take into consideration when plugging a vending machine into the wall. If the vending machine is a cold drink or food or coffee machine then you need to make sure that the wall plug is rated for the proper amperage use a vending machine may require. You should have a qualified electrician properly check the circuit and circuits you want to use for the vending machines to make sure that they can handle the load. We all know about surges but another problem that many people fail to understand is brown outs or voltage drops. The vending machine needs certain power requirements to operate properly and if to many items are drawing power on the same circuit as your vending machine well weird thinks start to happen. Its best to ask what a wall outlet is rated for and protect your vending machines from power damaging situations.
Depends on what level of technical skills you may have. The vending machines are not hard to change out components if you have a basic understanding of how things work. A good technician can surely walk you thru a component change and most items are plug and go devices. Like any items a vending machine is made up of components that work together to do a function and these components are independent of each other so if one goes bad it can be isolated and changed out fairly easy. The vending machine manufactures are working to make the vending machines of today as easy to swap out components as to make the machine more efficient. We are here to help and are confident we can help you thru any small or major problems.
Yes we can do custom setups, we just need to know what you want to vend. It works best to send us samples of the custom items you want to vend so we can test it before we ship. If you want to vend something that is not a standard chip or candy or drink, give us a call and we will be happy to discuss how we can help. We have consulted with many operators to come up with the right machine for the right products and we can help you to. The vending machines of today are not just doing snacks and drinks, ow no they are full Automatic Merchandising Systems.
Depends on what agreement you have with that company. Many vending operators will negotiate a % of the profits back to the location for letting them have machines at that location. Also keep in mind that the vending operator is the one having to buy the machines and maintain them so their % is going to be much higher then yours. The conveyance of having food service on site at your work or service facility's is a benefit to you and helps your business. When negotiating your % with the vending operator keep in mind what you are trying to accomplish and work off that as a % starting point.
FAQ 10
Most vending machine operators will require a certain amount of people be working or visiting the location per day. Vending machine companies that place vending machines in locations depending on employee requirements most likely start at 25 employees at minimum. Search out local vending machine operators and ask them what they require.
FAQ 11
I can not stress how important it is to use a experienced vending machine supply person to buy your vending machine thru. Many machines listed on the auction sites are outdated machines that are no longer even in production. These machines can be a problem as parts for these machines are no longer available. How do you know if that drink vending machine on that auction site even belongs legally to the person selling it? Did you know that Coke and Pepsi do not allow refurbishing companies to sell a vending machine with their trademark logo on it? Before you buy any Coke or Pepsi vending machine you should ask for the serial number and call a local bottler to see if that machine is missing. Don't get burned on an outdated machine or even a stolen machine as the great price now can cost ya double down the road. Even if you do not buy from us, call and speak with us and let us give you some free advice on what you are looking to buy. Vendweb.Com