Message about the coronavirus and our company


Hello and I hope this message finds you in good health during this challenging time.

We here at Vendweb know this is a very different time in our lives and that the situation is one we have not dealt with before.

Vending food service is an essential business in keeping essential business working and employees being able to have food and drinks at work.

We here at Vendweb.Com stand ready in working with you to provide such equipment to your locations. We have been deamed an essitial business in this time so that we can provide business with food service and medical automatic dispensing systems

We know that the vending machine can be a important part in the fight against this coronavirus as it allows a person to get a product from an unattended machine so as not to have to come in contact with a person whom may be carrying the virus.

We know the machine can be wiped down before use and once a person gets their products from the machine, they do as they normally do in this time, and that is disinfect their hands after use.

We live in a world of self service today and customers understand that they must do things such as disinfection of the surfaces they touch before they touch them and to wash and disinfect their hands after touching things.

The vending machine is a great dispensing tool in these times and we know how important it is to your business.

Please let us know how we can assist and please feel free to call or email us any questions you may have.

Stay safe and together we will get thru this.

Team Vendweb