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This is by no means an ordinary vending machine. The American Green Smart Vendor is a unique Automatic Dispensing System. The American Green Smart System is a age verification system that allows the opportunity of merchandising and selling age restricted products. American Greens technology interface is one of a kind and does some pretty cool things such as vein verification bio metrics and digital display merchandising as well as offering a wide variety of delivery options. This machine can be used for a wide variety of applications such as Cannabis Dispensary Sales, Food Service, Alcohol Beverage Sales, Cigarette and E Cigarettes Sales, Over The Counter Medicines, Discreet Sales Of Adult Products, and many more age restriction items. If you are looking for a complete age restriction sales and merchandising system then check out the American Green Vending System. Dont let just any old vending machine company sell you a machine that may not work for you down the road. When it comes to this type of automatic dispensing systems, is your go to source

American Green Cannabis Kiosk
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American Green CBD Vending Machine

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American Green Smart Kiosk Age Verification Technology -

Need a vending machine for those age restricted products? American Green has the solution and its called AGM Technology. What is AGM Technology? AGM Technology is in a class of its own with our back end system that allows you to sign up customers and then verify at the machine or kiosk that they are who they say they are. WHAT you ask how could that be done.....Well we use a high tech vein reader that reads the veins inside ones finger to verify that a person is who you signed up and checked their ID during the sign up process. Its new technology being used in government areas of business that need high security solutions. Give us a call or send us an email and we will be happy to go over the cool details.


Vein Verification Bio Metrics Technology

A Choice Of Machine Delivery Systems

Different Size Digital Displays

Onsite Training And Setup Available Option

The size of the machine is going to depend on what machine you may need.

We offer different size machines for different applications and would love to show you all we have to offer.
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